another passion of me is cycling. i'm not sure when i started to go cycling regularly, but i thing it must have
been in the years 2001 or 2002. since then i am cycling about 1000 - 3000 km a year. not much ... but i am
just doing it for fun and definitely not planning to participate in the tour de france.


cube reaction GTC pro 29


garmin edge


some impressions of my cycling-tours:

cycling holiday 2014 in romania

mtb-tour around mount dachstein in 2013

cycling holiday 2012 in lanzarote

mtb-tour 2011 in italy

mtb-tour 2009 in italy

mtb-tour in carinthia and italy, photo taken on 1780m

mtb-race in scharnstein ... i finished in 77th place

mtb-tour in 2009, the summit was hochbuchberg (1273m)

i had to carry the bike ... no chance of cycling up

mtb-tour in slovenia and italy