aprs is a digital operating mode that allows the monitoring of real time geographical information such as
the position of vehicles, the status of weather, radio direction finding and much much more.

all you need is a vhf-radio, a gps-receiver and a tnc. nowadays i think all companies are buildings radios that
have aprs built-in. if you have one of these radios you are all set to start in aprs.

your 1200 baud aprs signal will be received by a local aprs-digipeater and resent on the same frequency. in
europe the frequency is 144.800 mhz. there are a lot of aprs-gateways active which send the received data to
the internet. so everyone can track your movements in real-time. it is also possible to send short messages to
other hams.

mobile and portable stations should use WIDE 1-1 (1 hop) or WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 (2 hops) and fixed stations
WIDE2-1 (1 hop) or WIDE2-2 (2 hops)
as their aprs path. in regions with good aprs-infrastructure you should
consider reducing your path to avoid unnecessary traffic.

paths like RELAY,WIDE,TRACE7-7 are bad and only occupy the frequency ... and such settings are making
it harder for portable, qrp and mobile stations to get into the aprs network. you should also think about how
often your beacon is transmitted. for a fixed station it's not necessary to transmit the aprs beacon every few
minutes, it's enough to send it every 30 or 60 minutes. for mobile and portable stations an intervall of 1-2 min.
should be appropriate.

more detailed information and real-time-maps are available on aprs.fi

in 2012 i started an i-gate with the callsign OE5REO-10 at my home-qth. the hardware is an alinco dr-735e
with a wx3in1 tnc and it is operating 24/7.

in my car i have a kenwood tm-d710 running, the callsign i use is OE5REO-9. i am standby on 145.500 during
driving. my aprs beacon is transmitted every 60 seconds.

i like to climb mountains and activate sota summits ... my portable callsign is OE5REO-7. you can follow me
on my hikes in real-time. my kenwood th-d72e handheld has been with me on almost every hiking tour in the
last years. i often have problems getting my beacon out into the network, that is why i built a portable, rx-only
i-gate in 2017. for more details about this project click HERE!!